Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fragments from Day Two of Pure Music Experience Music Fest at Reference

Five dollars admission for two days of music, 29 bands!

I arrived initially at 1 PM, the advertised start time. Edward told me it would be starting at 3. I was grateful for the extra time. I headed back at 3 PM. The first band was Cat Sex with Dylan Mulshine from Charlottesville. Dylan has performed around here under the names of Rhythm Bandit, Teen Dreams, Raw Moans, and probably more. Today he was playing with a drummer.

The second band was Mutwawa, beats and noise made by long-time Richmond music veterans Gary Stevens [Headmolt, Rat Ward] and Jason Hodges [Amoeba Men, Suppression, Bermuda Triangles].

Third was Josh Vliet performing as Symbols and Pencils. A man with an acoustic guitar.

Alvez played some mellow ambient and laptop music and showed projections on the wall.

I left for a few hours, from 6 - 9 PM. When I got back it was time for Distance of Sex, one man [Travis Miller] with keyboards, beats, good stuff.

Nidra was Philip White, the guy running around with the mic, with a drum machine, and his younger brother on guitar.

A solid set from the Bermuda Triangles. Liking the new songs. First show with new drummer, Tony Lynch, who also plays with Caves Caverns.

Les La Britanica rocked the hip hop style.

Lost Tribe was the final act of the night.

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Econore said...

Nice concerts, really varied and interesting.
Venue reminds me a bit of ABC No Rio, NY. I like those white, neutral spaces.